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Multilock deadbolt installed by Mainland Mobile Locksmiths! Services You can count on us for security you can trust.  Our services are handy if you need to re-key a couple doors to increase the security of your business. We offer support to: Residential re-key locks Commercial master key systems and installation Mechanical and digital push button locks Hardware to enhance the security of your home and business And other support Security Products At Mainland Mobile, we help keep your home and business safe and well protected. We offer a variety of security products to choose from, including: High security locks Door knob covers Store front blockers Cylinder guard covers Target hardening And other security Check out our Security Products page to browse through our inventory Toache Walters Falls Wasaga Beach!

Mobile services include:

  • – 24/7 Emergency Service
  • – Deadbolt installation
  • – High Security
  • – Mul-T-Lock
  • – Lockouts
  • – Keys
  • – Commercial Door Hardware
  • – Closer and Panic Bars
  • – Re-keying (existing locks)
  • – Master keys


Which security systems are best? Picking the right security systems for your home, office or storage site isn’t as easy as it looks. You do have to make sure it is affordable for your budget, but you also have to make sure that it delivers the type of security that you need. Not only that, but you have to know where the security systems need to be placed to be effective. The easiest way to decide which one is right is to call Reliable at our number. Our expert can help you plan your system so you have the right security where you need it. What are lockout services? At Best , we provide lockout services using radio-dispatched teams the area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you are locked out because a key is lost, a key is broken or a lock has malfunctioned, our can get you inside fast. If you are a property manager, our lockout services can be just what you need to give your tenants reliable service and access any time of day or night. Make sure they have our contact number as your preferred service and we can take care of all the rest. Do you install magnetic locks? Yes, at Best we install all kinds of locks, including magnetic locks. These locks are found more places than just on cabinet doors. Depending on what type of facility you have, magnetic locks may be preferred for environments where the climate could affect a tumbler lock performance. This is why you will also find them on cold rooms and furnace rooms too. These types of locks are also recommended when you are needing to secure a room but cannot drill into the frame. They are available with switch plate releases and digital locks too. Do you work on mobile home locks? Best works on mobile home locks and locks found RVs and Caravans. These are specialty locks that can be hard to find a home goods store. They also require a different type of installation than a traditional door lock. You can’t drill through the doors and the jambs are shallow. The mobile home locks we can install for you are designed to provide high quality security while also looking good. If you have purchased a new mobile home or RV it is recommended that you change all the locks, and we can do it for you easily. What types of padlocks do you have? At Best we have a full line of padlocks that can help you keep what you have safe and secure. Call us at our number to talk to one of our expert about your project. We can help you select the right type of padlocks to keep your gear safe and secure. Don’t trust the over the counter locks from the corner store. We can provide you with keyed locks, lock boxes and digital padlocks too. Matching the lock to the task not only improves security, but it can also save you money as well. We repair vehicle locks Vehicle locks are essential when it comes to parking our vehicles especially public parking lots.

Deadbolt installation

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