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Deadbolts and locks Accredited Business All our products come from popular brands and trusted manufacturers, including Brawn. If you Markdale locksmith don’t know which product you need, stop by our showroom and meet with our trained professionals. We’ll be happy to describe the benefits of each system and tool. Count on Our Team In addition to providing to secure your valuables, we also offer repair and replacement services. If your home requires new locks or your business could use a new key code, we can send a trusted technician to maintain your current locks or upgrade your system. Worried about break-ins Honeywood Horseshoe Valley Innisfil?

Mobile services include:

  • – 24/7 Emergency Service
  • – Deadbolt installation
  • – High Security
  • – Mul-T-Lock
  • – Lockouts
  • – Keys
  • – Commercial Door Hardware
  • – Closer and Panic Bars
  • – Re-keying (existing locks)
  • – Master keys


The world’s economy is headed to the direction of becoming a 24 hour economy, this being the case we have adjusted ourselves properly and are now in a position of linking our clients to 24 hour residential services. The firms that we link our clients to always have their staffs and Markdale ready to provide the services when called upon. Residential University Place puts quality as the first priority and so we undertake to revise the work done locksmiths by the firms we allocate our clients to make sure that their expectations have been met. We gather comments from the clients as well and for sure this we have Markdale found to be of great importance in the past as we got to know the firms to drop off from our list. Technology wise, the firms that we assign our clients are the best and this has helped in saving time taken to do the service. Local Back To Our Services The citizens of small towns don’t only have excellent interpersonal relationships and a great respect to nature, but also make sure to support local businesses locksmiths because they know that they will elevate the local economy, which will contribute to further local development and better living conditions. Of course, working with a local company has many more advantages than the financial issue since you know the quality of the people behind the name and you can trust them with your home security and your privacy blindfolded. Local Residential, commercial and car services by top 24/ experts Local University Place knows that talks about trust and reliability don’t mean locksmith much because these two assets must be proven in practice. We actually do our best daily to provide the best possible services in order to prove we are a reliable Markdale company. We establish and ensure our quality services by taking care of various parameters. First of all, we pick out our associates not only by their skillfulness, but also by their background. We are very strict about matters of trust ourselves. We want to make sure that our are trustworthy and perfectly able to complete each job successfully. Although, they are all professionals locksmiths with long years of experience, we never stop training them and supporting them with modern equipment in order to do their job even better. In many cases, the emergency local service can be proven valuable to your security. One of the most common reasons you would require our assistance would be to lose your keys and need access to your house or car since you would want to carry on with your daily obligations. We know the characteristics of University Place as well as many other places and we know how locksmiths to reach you fast and handle your problems accurately. We are a professional local company, which can deal with any problem you have with your keys and locks. Old locks gather dirt and the material gets worn over the years and by everyday use and for this reason there will come a time that they won’t work anymore. When you Markdale will need local lock repair, you can rest assured that our will give priority to the emergency problems, but they will also inspect the other locks and keys as well in order to inform you about their condition and the best solutions to keep them in good shape. Local University Place carries excellent replacement parts and products at its premises in order to support any need and task that will improve your security. Your car, home and working place are the three spaces you usually move back and forward to daily and our professional services can help you keep your safety in high levels. It is self-evident that we can be by your side any time you locksmith need us for emergency Markdale situations but, at the same time, we can plan your home security and install modern mechanical or electronic locks, which will make a difference to your personal safety. Today, it is important to have the means and expertise to offer great services, which will ensure the safety of people, but the secret of success is being able to offer them without delays. One of our biggest advantages is that we are a 24 hour local company and we can serve you day and night quickly and effectively.

Deadbolt installation

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