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COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL SAFES COMMERCIAL LOCKS Your security is our business. Working on locks and the surrounding area gives angus us a chance to work with all types of businesses, including property managers, maintenance departments, and retail stores to secure their investments. We offer shop and mobile service for lock re-key, hardware repair and replacement, safe comb changing and servicing, and much more.Welcome 24/7 Locksmiths  is a local company with many years of experience with highly skilled workers who stand out for their reliability, speed of service and a high level of professionalism. We also offer all kinds of emergency Locksmiths services with our mobile units covering the entire Balaclava Balm Beach Barrie.

Mobile services include:

  • – 24/7 Emergency Service
  • – Deadbolt installation
  • – High Security
  • – Mul-T-Lock
  • – Lockouts
  • – Keys
  • – Commercial Door Hardware
  • – Closer and Panic Bars
  • – Re-keying (existing locks)
  • – Master keys


If you are unable to find any information about lost or stolen key replacement, try giving your insurance agent a call. It won’t take long, but it has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars. Plus, some companies will even pay for a hired car in the event yours is out of commission for a few days. Store Your Information You know that little tag that comes with new car keys, the one that has a little code on it? Save it. Keep it somewhere safe, as that little tag can angus save you a lot of money in the long run. The thing is, that code is the key code. It can tell your auto exactly which key goes with your car. This means that in the event you lose your keys and don’t have a spare, the locks will not need to be pulled. Pulling locks is a locksmiths lot more expensive than having a key made, so if you can tell your which key that you need, it will save you a ton of money. Getting locked out and losing keys happens to everyone, and as stated, getting replacement car keys can be a lot more expensive than getting other keys made. Luckily, with these tips and preventative measures, you can potentially save yourself a lot of money. Of course, using a well-respected with experience is also a great idea!  What Does a Commercial Do? commercial If you have ever been locked out of your home or locked your keys in your car, you are familiar with your typical . However, if you own a business, you wouldn’t call a residential to help with your lock and key needs. You would call a commercial . But what does a commercial do? Research new lock technology Commercial have to be up-to-date on the latest in lock and key technology. For example, some businesses need keyless entry and require fingerprint technology or barcode scanning to gain entry. Commercial often have clients who need secure buildings and rooms, so they must have the knowledge to keep their clients secure with the newest and best lock and key technology. Install new locks Commercial install new locks for clients. There angus locksmith are many reasons someone might want to install new locks. If a business owner purchased a previously used building, he or she will want to replace the locks. There is no way to know how many keys were given out with the previous owner, or whether or not all the keys were returned. A business owner doesn’t want non-employees running around with a key to the business. Another reason a business owner might want new locks is if an employee was let go on poor terms. If that employee has had a key, it might be a wise idea to replace locks. You never know what a disgruntled employee might try to do. Repair locks You would also call a commercial if your business needed to have a lock repaired. Sometimes, keys break off in locks. A commercial can repair the lock and replace your key. There locksmith are also times when a lock becomes damaged. If there was an attempted break in, the locks may have been damaged. If you angus are working with electronic locks, sometimes the wiring malfunctions and repairs may need to be made. If the lock at your workplace isn’t working properly for whatever reason, it’s best to call your commercial . It might seem like any can do the job, however, a commercial only works with commercial properties. They are trained to provide the best information and lock and key technology for the safety and security of a business. You locksmiths wouldn’t want a car lock expert trying to manage your keyless door lock. If you are in the area and find yourself in need of a commercial , call Omega , and we’ll meet you anywhere in in 30 minutes.

Deadbolt installation

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